Change links section on User Login page

There is a good guide how to make custom login here

But to make some advanced changes I created this overrides. I repositioned the links below the submit button with deleting the array values and then adding it to the end of form array. Also I changed the text of the links to register and reset password

function mytheme_preprocess_user_login(&$vars) {
  $items = array();
  $items[] = 'Not registred yet? '.l(t('Sign up here!'), "user/register", array('attributes' => array('title' => t('Create a new user account.'),'class'=>'register')));      
  $items[] = l(t('Request new password'), 'user/password', array('attributes' => array('title' => t('Request new password via e-mail.'),'class'=>'register')));

  $vars['form']['links']['#markup'] = theme('item_list', array('items' => $items));
   $temp = $vars['form']['links'];

      $vars['form'][] = $temp;