Cool login/register screens, without overlays - no regions, just content

As subject tries do describe, to build cool login screens that are popular now and you can find them on sites such as and you need to remove all the data from a page and just have content.

Other way you could do this is also with an overlay kind of module, like modal window from CTools or just use modal forms module or some other pop up module. But as I prefer not to use them and have a page that looks like overlay but basically is a content only page we are going to do that now.

So first you need to remove all the regions from page. You can do that with code and hook. So in custom module you put

function my_module_page_alter(&$page) {
  if (current_path() == 'user/login') {

and just unset all the regions in page, besides content. You could also build a new page template and remove it there, but this is quicker and has more flexebility, as you can just do that with many different paths.

The other way is to use context module, and you can do it there in UI. Also in both, check for user role, as you will probably want to do this only for anonymous users. After that you need to remove also logo and other parts of theme that could be obsolete.

function my_module_preprocess_page(&$variables) {

if (current_path() == 'user/login' ||  current_path() == 'user/register' ||  current_path() == 'user' ||  current_path() == 'user/password'){

So we remove parts that are not needed and now we have only content part to theme. Use some CSS to put it into middle of site, use some cool BG to add to whole page, use 100% widths and heights and you will have a nice sort of overlay but not a overlay login form/register form or anything else you want to put present in this manner.