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How to xdebug hook_views_data_alter()

Lets first talk about what does hook_views_data_alter() do in first place. Views is a query editor, it queries DB, so this hook alters how our data is queried. As in views UI you add, fields, filters, sorts, relationships, here you will have an exposure of all DB tables you can make queries and data on what to use for fields, filters and much more.

How to get usable UI for translating your custom forms

This one is one of the bigger surprises in drupal 8. Form building is straight forward, basic OOP bases on symfony, but then you want your forms to be translatable, you are in for a ride. First you will need to have schema yaml files in install and schema directory.

How to get currency symbol from order object

Currency symbol is not stored in order, so to get it, you need to dig a bit deeper and fetch currency object.
I am assuming you have order stored in $this->order so then we get currency code and with that we load commerce_currency through entity type manager and use getSymbol method to get the symbol.

How to get coupon entity from order

If you wan to get coupon entity from order there is a quick magic method to do that. First load order by some property, we can use ID

Find the class responsible for a particular field type

$field_type_manager = \Drupal::service('plugin.manager.field.field_type');
$class = $field_type_manager->getDefinition('entity_reference')['class'];

this will show you info 


so you can check there settings and code for this field type.

Changing(moving) modules path in drupal 8

In drupal 7 when you moved modules from one directory to other, usually running drush rr (registry rebuild) would work, maybe you would need to clear caches. In drupal 8, this wont help. Paths are saved in APC and you will probably need to restart server.
For someone maybe 

Tips for New Selenium IDE 2019 and Drupal

As it is often referred online as "new selenium IDE 2019" lets sum up some tips how to use it. It can record your actions and put them in its UI, but you will often need to change it and refine it to get something useful.