How to install and use PhpMyAdmin with Docker

This is most commonly used tool to visual inspect mysql databases with drupal, so there is a good chance you will want to use it with docker. So if you don't have it already installed with your drupal compose and you are building it from scratch you can manually add it. Do:

How to quickly drop DB from docker container and start new one

IF you want for some reason start from scratch and make new DB or anything else regarding mysql queries, you should first find out the name of your DB container and then with that name run command below and you will have access to SQL and you can then drop and recreate DB.

Docker cleanup

To see all containers adding the -a flag to "docker ps" will show all containers. 

docker ps -a

When you are sure you want to remove them all, first stop them all then remove them all

docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

For final cleanup do this