Features: View not displayed in list of components in

I wanted to make 2 features with the same view, but different setting, what was odd was once I had created one, the other didn't list in feature components list. I tried many things but in the end it appears that this is a "feature" of features, a not so nice one I might add.

Change Views filters, add dynamic date value as range

Using EVA field added to Order entity I needed to use order created date as starting range and ending range for dates.
UI by default doesn't offer this in views, so some preprocessing was done. You could fetch date from argument or as I did directly from

Views and custom dynamic titles for pages set with fields values or anything else

By default you can't set dynamic titles for views other than using contextual filters and using them to change title, this will sometimes help and sometimes you want to use something else, so custom modules/overrides to the rescue. There is also a page title module but you can use tokens with it and seems it doesnt work now.

Insert something every nth row in Views

Most likely you will want to insert an ADD, probably adsense add every nth row in views. To do that there are 3 methods. One of them is a module a guy made that acts as global filed you add and then you enter what goes in there, problem is that JS code doesnt work there as it is html only field, so some custom formatters should be added.

Translating taxonomy summary in views

Here is another drupal i18n beast. I have nice taxonomy summary for a category of shops. Which is attachment for a view, which passes term to it to filter category and show only shops that are in that category. Looks nice, it is moderately useful and seems it has never been done before.

Drupal 6 to drupal 7 migration tips

However you choose to do a migration from drupal 6 to drupal 7 if you have any complexity in your site it is going to be ugly. Lots of errors and leaps of faith :-).

I choose to do it with drush. So after the drush made what it could do. I tested the site. Not working at all, not even logging in possible. What I did is: