Omega 4 and Compiling Sass on Windows (how to install and make it work)

I know Sass and Less are major improvements in Css coding, but setting all this up is a drag. I was using Omega 4 and to style it we need to use Sass coding. There are enough resources out there, but they are often limited to some special use case scenario and as there are many components to make it work you will have problems when trying to set it up. So after a day of work I finally pulled it off and made this Sass thing work and auto compile to Css.

With localhost I am using sublime 2 editor, there are some packages that auto compile/build Css but you shouldn't use that as you have Drupal and Omega so this is much more complex to output as there are many files to combine. So what we do is use quide from here

And install Ruby from here

As I have win64 It tred Ruby x64 and Ruby 2.0 version but with all I had problems with compiling later and those f.... Gem files and shit (really this is just too complicated if you are not using Ruby and you don't want to, just need it for Sass, hoping one day there will be PHP compiler or JS compiler for Sass, like Less has and we are done with this Ruby shit)

Anyway I then used what the page above also recommends, just use the stable, recommended version and install, follow the no 1 from here

Skip no 2. from above link, this is not needed and do no.3. Then you should have an auto refreshed Css with no.4 and bundle exec guard but for me this just compiled SCSS to CSS, so I tried finally "compass watch" in ruby command prompt and this was finally watching my SCSS and update them on each change.

Guessing I will need to run this "compass watch" each time I work on Sass, also I am working this on prebuilt theme so maybe this is the reason only "compass watch" works. I am currently clueless and just want to style things, but hopefully will learn more and find out what is what and why something is not working.

So after one day of working on this stuff I tried to search some more issues and as I was gettting some errors like

ruby/site_ruby/1.9.1/rubygems/custom_require.rb:36:in `require':
cannot load such file -- wdm (LoadError)....

I searched and found out I should maybe install and update

"gem update listen" and then also
"gem install wdm"

But this didn't work, the bundle exec guard was still not working. Then I saw that maybe I need to add something to gemfile, so I added a line to omega subtheme root gemfile. I added this to the bottom where some gems are configured

gem "wdm", :platforms => [:mswin, :mingw]

and it fucking works now. I can call bundle exec guard and it guards this shit and updates as it should. I am swearing a lot as this was really pain in the ass and I hate this ruby shit :)