JSON:API disable caching locally

To disable caching while testing your JSON:API endpoints you should put this into your settings.php

$settings['cache']['bins']['dynamic_page_cache'] = 'cache.backend.null';

but for this to work, you need to define this service null, which should be added as

Flood and Block Ip while running tests (403)

There are 2 system in drupal 7 for IP blocking, one is flood blocking that is used on login and other is 
system_block_ip_action that is storing IP's in blocked_ips table and checking them while bootstrapping.

Tips for New Selenium IDE 2019 and Drupal

As it is often referred online as "new selenium IDE 2019" lets sum up some tips how to use it. It can record your actions and put them in its UI, but you will often need to change it and refine it to get something useful.

First drush driver behat test

With drush driver for behat you will have some more power, basically drush power to do things. So to make out first drush test, you will need to bring some change in behat.yml file and change some lines.

Behat - log in to a site using only blackbox driver

This just another simple test for behat and mink combo with plain blackbox driver. To log in to a site and do check some behavior you can write this simple test, again no PHP needed for it. You will be logged in and checking what is on people admin page. Add it to your some.feature file and run behat.