Theming Ubercart Order Admin or uc_order-admin.tpl.php

So this one is rather old in 2013. But then again Ubercart and E-commerce are slowly getting up to speed with drupal 7 so still many sites use Drupal 6 for web shops. Anyhow, what we wanted to do is add some extra information to emails sent after order. Ubercart has a way of sending nice HTML emails to clients and obscure plain text emails to admins.

Webform mail template override - total customization

I wanted to make a override of webform mail template, so I can send custom data to paying and non paying partners on my site. As I am using ZEN subtheme, I need to put all the the template in obviously template folder of subtheme, not a root one.

Translating taxonomy summary in views

Here is another drupal i18n beast. I have nice taxonomy summary for a category of shops. Which is attachment for a view, which passes term to it to filter category and show only shops that are in that category. Looks nice, it is moderately useful and seems it has never been done before.

Microdata and Fivestar

Microformats are going to be big, they are big even today. Drupal is caching up but modules don't work properly. First thing you would probably do is ratings/review formating. You can try with microformat and fivestar module but it will not work properly. So I themed the fivestar summary function differently and added few lines and not it works and you can check it with google tool

Drupal 6 to drupal 7 migration tips

However you choose to do a migration from drupal 6 to drupal 7 if you have any complexity in your site it is going to be ugly. Lots of errors and leaps of faith :-).

I choose to do it with drush. So after the drush made what it could do. I tested the site. Not working at all, not even logging in possible. What I did is:

Custom Token and languages for titles and labels

As views and even more panels are not perfect when it comes to translations if you need to have some fixed label with translation for some view/panel. You can create custom token for it and then just translate it over translation interface. Token creation is simple, just use this guide

Microdata for voteing modules

Well the year is 2012 and you must use microdata, there is a microdata module for drupal 7, but if you are still at drupal 6 you will need to customize. I have been using vote up/down module for my ratings so I needed to change template file of the module to add this microformats to node display so I added this code at the end of widget.tpl.php

Tracing available variables in template file

I often forget this one, if you need to see what available variables are in some specific template file of any contributed module you will write this on top of the tpl file

<pre> <?php print_r(get_defined_vars());?></pre>

and will get a nice list of variables you can use.