Rerolling patches, quick step list

To re roll broken patch here are the steps, we will use commerce_stripe module as example, 

  1. git clone --branch 8.x-1.x
  2. go to issue page and find date of last working patch
  3. git log -1 --before="2 Dec 2018" to find hash of commit to use
  4. git checkout -b stripe_reroll 61565a7  to go to that commit
  5. git apply --index some.patch  try to apply patch to see if it works
  6. git commit -m "Applying patch from issue 821716 comment 118571"
  7. git rebase 8.x-1.x  to rebase out changes on top of current dev
  8. solve conflicts that occur when rebasing, run git add . to add all the resolved files
  9. git rebase --continue  to continue doing this and repeat no.8
  10. Do no 8 and 9 until you get "Applying: Applying patch from issue 821716 comment 118571"
  11. Create a new patch, git diff 8.x-1.x stripe_reroll > new.patch
  12. Try new patch with git checkout 8.x-1.x and then
  13. git apply --check new.patch to see if it all works out
  14. if all is ok, then submit this patch to issue queue for others to use it