Outside Links collection

Sometimes you find just the right resources that fulfill certain need and nothing much should be added to them, in those cases I will just collect them on this page and add short comment why is this so.


If you are running into this error while using drush

Directory ..../drush/cache/default exists, but is not writable. [error] Please check directory permissions.

Run this to solve it

sudo drush version
sudo chown -R $USER ~/.drush

FB connect - invite friends, no notification

If you are using FB connect module and its Invite friends submodule or making your own invite FB friends submodule (which is easy). You could probably get into a problem of having no notifications sent to user when you do click Invite in FB dialog box.

WSOD or white screen of death and error reporting

Sometimes you will have a WSOD and nothing to show for. One simple solution to get what is a problem is to insert the following lines into the Drupal's index.php, that should set PHP to report all errors.

Curl on Localhost and WAMP on x64

I was going nuts over how to install CURL on 64 bit windows. I need it for some module and just enabling it from Wamp panel didn't work. So I searched for solutions and there are quite a few combos and solutions offered online but the only thing that worked for me and what was needed is

Drupal Drush Command Cheat Sheet Copy

Everbody likes Drush, why wouldn't you. Anyway I copied cheat sheet from some PDF as this is a drupal dump site and this way I can find it quicker and make also some additions to it.

When available, there is a shorter version of the same command in parentheses.

cache clear (cc) Clear all caches.

cron Run all cron hooks.