How to style elements that change ids when ajax actions replace them

In drupal, when you have ajax refreshing some content, elements get new ids when they refresh. So some input element that was "edit-get-score"  becomes "edit-get-score-2" then ""edit-get-score-3" etc.
So to match them properly by ID you can use this. Which is CSS attribute selector using sort of a wildcard

Altering weight of elements in arrays used for rendering

When changing weight of element in array, it is not enough to just change weight, #sorted must be set to FALSE so elements are resorted.

$variables['form']['element']['#weight'] = -10;
$variables['form']['element']['#sorted'] = FALSE;

Remove/hide Vertical tabs on node edit forms

Node edit forms are not the nicest thing you have seen and new layouts in Drupal 8 that basically copies wordpress style forms are much better. Sometimes you will have clients that can't stand this vertical tabs and would rather not have them at all and probably they will never use them anyway. So best thing to do is to remove them for them.

Overriding form, setting something for the first form load

So I am overriding the login form and want to have unique state of the form for the first load screen, when user hasn't entered anything yet. What do I do, I tried to get what is the difference with form vars when submitted and when never submitted. I found out you can do this by form ID as it changes each time (which is not so good for theming of the forms).

Omega 4 and Compiling Sass on Windows (how to install and make it work)

I know Sass and Less are major improvements in Css coding, but setting all this up is a drag. I was using Omega 4 and to style it we need to use Sass coding. There are enough resources out there, but they are often limited to some special use case scenario and as there are many components to make it work you will have problems when trying to set it up.

Add UTM tag to links, so other people know when users come from your site

So this is some marketing stuff I do, but it is useful. When you click a link on some site, to give some message to that site and owner or whoevere is taking care of marketing you can add some UTM tags to links so in their google analytics they see that message. So what do we do is I use display suite, create custom code field and use entity data to make new fields that look like this: