How to print Description under the each Imagefield

So you put description for your images but there are nowhere to be seen? You or your client wants to have descriptions of images under each one. Well you will have to do some theming, in fact you have to create content-field.tpl.php and put it in your theme directory. And the code should be like this

<?php if (!$field_empty) : ?>
<div class="field field-type-<?php print $field_type_css ?> field-<?php print $field_name_css ?>">
  <?php if ($label_display == 'above') : ?>
    <div class="field-label"><?php print t($label) ?>:&nbsp;</div>
  <?php endif;?>
  <div class="field-items">
    <?php $count = 1;
    foreach ($items as $delta => $item) :
      if (!$item['empty']) : ?>
        <div class="field-item <?php print ($count % 2 ? 'odd' : 'even') ?>">
          <?php if ($label_display == 'inline') { ?>
            <div class="field-label-inline<?php print($delta ? '' : '-first')?>">
              <?php print t($label) ?>:&nbsp;</div>
          <?php } ?>
          <?php print $item['view'] ?>
  <?php if ($item['data']['description']) ?> <div class="description"><?php { print $item['data']['description']; } ?></div>
      <?php $count++;
<?php endif; ?>

bolded is addition to code, rest is the same. Grab a file below with that same code.