Drupal Drush Command Cheat Sheet Copy

Everbody likes Drush, why wouldn't you. Anyway I copied cheat sheet from some PDF as this is a drupal dump site and this way I can find it quicker and make also some additions to it.

When available, there is a shorter version of the same command in parentheses.

cache clear (cc) Clear all caches.

cron Run all cron hooks.

Drupal missing modules and white screen of death

WSOD (white screen of death) can happen in drupal for different reasons. One is that you could be missing some files, probably modules. Maybe you moved something wrong when migrating, or you have wrong git branch or just delete module(s).

Boost and Varnish and general tips and rants about Drupal caching

This topic has always been a big pain in the ass for me. Drupal takes a lot of resources, which means money for hosting, you should at least have VPS to have some decent hosting for drupal, but not to have OOMing and high CPU usage all the time, you should use different caching systems.


Theming Ubercart Order Admin or uc_order-admin.tpl.php

So this one is rather old in 2013. But then again Ubercart and E-commerce are slowly getting up to speed with drupal 7 so still many sites use Drupal 6 for web shops. Anyhow, what we wanted to do is add some extra information to emails sent after order. Ubercart has a way of sending nice HTML emails to clients and obscure plain text emails to admins.

Translating taxonomy summary in views

Here is another drupal i18n beast. I have nice taxonomy summary for a category of shops. Which is attachment for a view, which passes term to it to filter category and show only shops that are in that category. Looks nice, it is moderately useful and seems it has never been done before.