Translating taxonomy summary in views

Here is another drupal i18n beast. I have nice taxonomy summary for a category of shops. Which is attachment for a view, which passes term to it to filter category and show only shops that are in that category. Looks nice, it is moderately useful and seems it has never been done before.

Drupal 6 to drupal 7 migration tips

However you choose to do a migration from drupal 6 to drupal 7 if you have any complexity in your site it is going to be ugly. Lots of errors and leaps of faith :-).

I choose to do it with drush. So after the drush made what it could do. I tested the site. Not working at all, not even logging in possible. What I did is:

Multilanguage(i18n) Taxonomy and URL aliases with pathauto

Well you want to use i18n taxonomy and have nice site, that is optimized for SEO and for viewers. Well you will have problems, here are some solutions depending on the which type of multilanguage option you choose for your taxonomy

Taxonomy node module - Term View problem

If you are using Taxonomy Node to have additiona data for your taxonomy you are in for supprise if you go to term page and see "There are currently no posts in this category." message. Other then this, module works fine. To solve this problem, use views and activate default taxonomy_term view and make some eddits.

Views, passing argument from node taxonomy term

This code will be often used if you want to pass current node taxonomy term to view to list some other nodes, for example to have a list of similar nodes, nodes with same term. Choose taxonomy term:ID and write thise code down. We load current nodes data and get term ID from key of term.

Taxonomy image duplicate nodes in views

Recently i had a problem with taxonomy image and nodes. When using it with views you get every node listed twice, even when using dinstinct filter.