Panels and translating Title

Panels seem all powerful, especially when used with Views. But then you come to simple problem and I can't be solved. You can't translate a title of a Panels. Seems very stupid but that is how it is.



2. There is a patch here wating to get commited

3. My solution is no brainer, just clone the panel you have and give it a different title
put it in menu if needed and that is it. Seems like only Idiot would make such a complex system like views and panels and then title of it is not translatable, but that is just layman view and the way drupal is made is probably the reason for it.

4. Or go to panels-pane.tpl.php in panels directory (or even better put it in your theme)
and add

<h2<?php print $title_attributes; ?>><?php print t($title); ?></h2>

It's not a safe solution but it could work in most cases.