New globals for language in Drupa 7

Before you could get current language value by global $language now there is new

global $language_content;

To get value of language your content is in. There is still global $language

Custom Token and languages for titles and labels

As views and even more panels are not perfect when it comes to translations if you need to have some fixed label with translation for some view/panel. You can create custom token for it and then just translate it over translation interface. Token creation is simple, just use this guide

Multilanguage(i18n) Taxonomy and URL aliases with pathauto

Well you want to use i18n taxonomy and have nice site, that is optimized for SEO and for viewers. Well you will have problems, here are some solutions depending on the which type of multilanguage option you choose for your taxonomy

Panels and translating Title

Panels seem all powerful, especially when used with Views. But then you come to simple problem and I can't be solved. You can't translate a title of a Panels. Seems very stupid but that is how it is.


Translating paths

I have got this panel, that has the same content for both English and Croatian. But I want to have custom path for each of them, so that address bar doesn't say something on Croatian when user interface is in English.