View 3, alter filters programmatically

function custom_views_pre_view(&$view) {
    if ($view->name === 'pricing') {
  $view_filters = $view->display_handler->get_option('filters');
    $view_filters['field_zip_range']['value'] =  $_SESSION['zip_code'];
  $overrides = array();
  $overrides['filters'] = $view_filters;
  foreach ($overrides as $option => $definition) {
    $view->display_handler->override_option($option, $definition);

Another way to override views filters options is to use hook_views_pre_view, check then that you found proper view with name check, get current filter options, set the new option like above we set it with sessions variable. Then insert that (or more) overrides if you have with $view->display_handler->override_option($option, $definition)

It works.